(PAST) For A Cause: BEHOLD.HER Self-Worth Conference
September 19, 5pm-9pm

Once a month, we hold a fundraiser for a cause we are passionate about as part of our ‘For a Cause’ series. On September 19 from 5pm-9pm we will host happy hour to raise funds for the BEHOLD.HER SELF-WORTH CONFERENCE taking place in November. 25% of happy hour sales will be donated to BEHOLD.HER. To learn more, read below:

The BEHOLD.HER series has provided an expressive space for women in Washington, D.C. to find acceptance, beauty, depth, empathy, and validation. And this year, they want to scale-up their micro events by launching their inaugural SELF-WORTH CONFERENCE.

This event is planned for November 16-17, 2019 in Washington, D.C. and is expected to host 250 attendees who want to deeply engage in the inner work needed to deepen connections, build power and accelerate change by challenging themselves to listen more and put themselves first. 

The conference will encompass four themes – Self-Love and Body Image; Sex & Consent, Money & Guilt, and Community & Relationship Building – and will touch on health and wellness, self-development, goal setting, and intentional relationship building.